with love for mara fernanda araiza

Birthday Sonnet

Rolling on my scenarios of improvised tragedies
Poses tortures, begging your arms to hold me tight
Yet cameras get tastes of your mouth, kiss on your lips
Evidence for love beautified with ‘unconditional’
I write this poetic to your untouchable presence
Opening for oxygen when the windows are all closed
And for those dreamy eyes of yours there’s an absence
Of words, my dear, and utterances fragile like a rose
We’re not in a free world, so I’ll meet you in rhymes
Like acts projected through an unspoken cinema
And if they keep destroying my dreams, day and nights
I’ll rumble and rain, orchestrating a future supernova
Is there gift better than a heart- freedom and peace?
Or perchance this sonnet to show that I love thee…

A History of Romantic Tweets

  • No answer like praying to a goddess! If only I had wings and could ascend to her, she cured me and I wouldn’t be a poet!
  • Let’s not pretend that I don’t care about her; that I don’t need her; that everything is finished now! Isn’t there a resurrection?
  • I cannot allow myself to submit to silence; but I will submit to those words that speak the truth.
  • Honestly, I cannot conceal my weakness for her! They were right if they said they could kill that samurai not with sword but through love…
  • She’s gone to another planet in another solar system, untouchable, sad; why should distances fade when my heart flies to her in an instance?
  • He kissed a ‘goodbye’ on her skin to please her that he was gone; words might have officially died between them but love not…
  • Her absence is inharmonic, murderous, asphyxiating and worrisome like a cello perpetually playing a minor second interval!
  • You are more beautiful and majestic with all those scars and serious tragedies that have affected your life…
  • They didn’t know the love they shared was about to change the course of humanity!
  • He knew he understood her; he’d placed himself in those beautiful eyes like a poem, or a painting in black & white, sounding her musically!
  • She was the art and he, the artist to discover her!
  • Loving you in unexplainable; it’s not like the normal words or ordinary actions!
  • She gave me her dagger to confront my past and took me to her obscurity to arm me with silences she had prepared for me!
  • I had no idea of loving her; but like a lightening that strikes and splits a desert rock, my heart was torn by her eyes…
  • Closer and closer until he passed the point of no return, falling into the singularity of her eyes…
  • Her miraculous smiles, high and shining like the stars; a mystery that unfolds my only shelter is her arms!
  • Violentos y oscuros como los agujeros negros; luminosos y cariñosos como la llena luna… #tusojos
  • It’s been a while that i want to drop myself into the sun…
  • Now that the poetry in your eyes is unwritable and your tyrannical beauty confines me to the deepest dungeons of love, I but smile!
  • “She’s not of this world,” said the old warrior, “you need her darkness to rule the galaxy; love her with all might, yet give her freedom!”
  • I always had such faith in you, in your eyes; deemed them absorbing black holes, dangerous, but I want to live there, disappear in your eyes!

You Be Praised

Wonders if any of those kisses
Projected into the moon and the sun
Reaches you or not
And shouldn’t care the negative
When the meaning is insisted upon
And what felt inside is even more of drama

Sinking into a peaceful thoughtfulness
Mastered to suppress the unhappiness
Loving you, let you be praised


The chord sounding in my head
Sometimes I solve you to a diminished seventh
Other times to a major seventh-minor third
I suspend you, chromatically flatten or sharpen you
And you know nobody does ever so much for you
I manipulate you, I inverse you
Add nine or thirteen to you and damn you

But do you know what the trick is?
I’d leave you unanswered to always stick with you.

Conversation With You

Words like poisonous arrows to my heart
Seductive with obsession and love
They walk over my body, touch my skin
Their effortful interpretations of silence to ears

Oh, I waited long to converse with you
Perhaps I wanted too much
It must be something limitless
That cannot be bound into this life…


He occasionally hid his face inside his hands
His face wasn’t bleak nor black
He had lost her
And his life realer and sad.


Once shaken by ideals and romance
That pressure kept from reality in free fall
And to hope to fly up
Even with the engines made in dreams
Or wings of swans and eagles
On the backs of humans
Is nothing but the sound of
Your bones crash
While you hit the ground

More enduring perhaps
Under the pretext of forever
That keeps searching for
Whys and hows
A theory of everything
At last, and thoughts of she
That are everything for me somehow

If it ends up something serious
Finished with a lucky man
Children and a home
Me looking from the distance…

That be her choice, I’d be glad